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BERA Gravel Fix® Step

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Creativity guaranteed!

Gravel comes in many attractive colours and sizes, pebbles or aggregate. All can be used as long as the gravel size is between 3 and 16 mm! Let your creativity guide you in the layout of your own garden and beyond…

Dry and non-slip!

The BERA Gravel Fix® Step sections ensure dry feet as the porous gravel stabilisation system allows rainwater to drain immediately. No algae found on traditional stepping stones or tiles. Seedlings cannot sprout due to the anti-weed geotextile base. Use aggregate for maximum non-slip effect.

Where to create your Gravel “Stepping Stones”

In your lawn or borders, ensuring you remain dry and clean whilst gardening

Along the outside perimeter of your house, no more dirty outer walls.

For the walkway to your shed or storage space as ‘steps'' or as a continuous path

Creating a terrace on which furniture can be placed.

Under the water tap outside the house.

Around the grave at the cemetery for easy access and maintenance

In mosaic or chess board arrangement with grass or stone

Only 3 steps for your gravel “Stepping Stones”!

Remove 10 cm of soil or grass of the desired 40 x 80 cm area.

Fill the void with 5 cm of sand and compact it. Lay the “BERA Gravel Fix® Step” and fix it with the 4 pins.

Fill the secured step with approx 25 kg of gravel (any size between 3 – 16 mm). Ensure that the gravel is spread evenly, across and covering the entire step.

BERA Gravel Fix® Step

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