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TURFPAVE® HD replaces sealed pavings allowing rainwater infiltration whilst improving the environment aesthetics and airquality.

TURFPAVE® HD consists of a network of porous cells which protects grass roots against compaction. The openings at the base and side allows roots and plant runners to spread freely to establish vigorous root development to encourage healthy plant growth.

TURFPAVE® HD has snap-on connectors allowing individual modules to interlock and ensuring that the modules remain in place during and after installation. The V-shape modular design enables the pavers to

be inserted into each other during transportation and storage. This very compact bundle allows to store or ship 2.5x more product in m2 on a pallet, on display or in the warehouse. The reduction in volume helps in reducing the CO2 emission substantially besides economic benefits.


Vehicle parking lots

Paths and service access for light emergency vehicles

Residential grassed driveways

Golf buggy paths

Gentle slopes and inclines

Features and benefits of BERA TURFPAVE® HD:

Unique compact V-shape design

Easy to install 50 x 50 cm sheets

Snap-on connectors for enhanced stability

Sustainable and durable

100% recycled Polypropylene, fully recyclable

Strong and yet light-weight

Porous, retaining soil and humidity for growth of grass

Manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO14001


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