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BERA Urbanscape, the natural waterbuffer!

Rob J. Addink
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No chemicals to retain water, just rock fibers

Urbanscape is an innovative and easy to install system that boasts high water retention capacity designed specifically for landscaping applications such as residential gardens, sports fields, commercial spaces, cemeteries, public parks and various complex green architectural solutions.

* 100% pure mineral growing media made of rock mixture; pure rock, with no additives

* Excellent water retention capacity (can hold up to 85% volume of water), significant water savings

* Long-term stability and durability

* 100% controlled production process to provide consistent properties (acquired certificates: CE, EUCEB, RAL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)

* A proven growing medium in the horticulture business​​

* Comes in rolls, cubes or flocks

BERA Urbanscape Green Cubes
BERA Urbanscape Green Cubes

Water retention in soil, planter boxes, home gardening, landscaping is now easy and no more chemicals, gels and other materials required. Please have a look at our informative website and catalogues with stunning results how Urbanscape helps to create healthier and happier plants, trees and grass!

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