La Berangerie in Pantin : an advertorial signed by Bluetek

Katia Schlich
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SageGlass glass roofs, Pearl Inside skylights and Luxlame smoke ventilation in La Bérangerie, Pantin: the comfort and design challenge was reached

“Geometry and use of light; when it becomes useful, mastered, and can melt into forms and objects, it is a success.’’ Here is the observation that one can make when leaving this building, and after observing this realization of prestige that is La Bérangerie located in Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Inaugurated on June 8, 2017, this place located precisely in the Parisian district most associated with design, is a new demonstration of what is achievable in terms of innovations combining aesthetics and functionality. The companies Adexsi, SageGlass, Sfel and Tridonic have come together to succeed in this challenge dedicated to the intelligent building of tomorrow.

Bluetek, a subsidiary of Adexsi, together with SIA and Souchier-Boullet, worked together to offer the high-tech roofing and façade rooflight. The idea was to work on the natural / artificial light theme, and of course, the connected building. A reflection carried out in collaboration with the project's various stakeholders, and Bruno Charnay, President of SFEL and luminaires GAL, fervent defender of useful aesthetics. It was he himself who received us in this new little temple of design at the beginning of June, allowing everyone to visit this place of exchanges combining different spaces, of which training, brainstorming, BIM, IP and DATA are keywords.

Among other innovating products, it is therefore under a glass roof of 26 by 4 meters of electrochrome glass that one enters this didactic hall. The variation of the color of the double glazing is an important advantage under a summer sun. During this visit, it is possible to project in a situation of formation; the indoor temperature of the premises and the management of the direct sunshine are of substantial advantages. On the fire safety side, the building was brought into compliance via 2 Bluebac Pneumatic roof skylights, with aeration by electric cylinder. Both units are fitted with a Pearl Inside filler, or PCA with glass microbeads, which also reduces heat and glare, but also reduces the "drum skin effect" in case of rain, while conferring an aesthetic appearance thanks to the glittered rendering of the alveolar polycarbonate.

The conservatory is also covered by an electrochrome glass roof of 6 by 4 meters, smaller than the previous one. This place allows to welcome the visitors in a space '' VIP '' integrating design of roofing and very beautiful luminaries. The corridor connecting the various spaces includes a natural lighting system and also fire safety multifunction. The NSHEV model Luxlame F RPT allow to integrate perfectly to the architecture, while maintaining the performances of safety and comfort; They allow natural light to flow and release about 80% of the bay surface for efficient ventilation / evacuation.

On the servo and remote control side, companies have also worked to develop a system that meets precise specifications. Luminaires connected, centralized control cabinet, rain and wind sensor, indoor and outdoor humidity management, etc. Nothing was left to chance. Everything has been thought to present a building associated with the new criteria of artificial intelligence.

It is therefore on a beautiful summer day that visitors have been able to discover or rediscover La Bérangerie, a place of experimentation and innovation at the service of the human. Because yes, it's about him. Architecture would not make sense if it was not there to use the building ... And here it is done in all intelligence, it is clear.

■ Architects: Projective Architecture / FR-93 Pantin

■ Designers: Fritsch Durisotti / FR-78 Conflans-Sainte-Honorine

■ Glass roofs and skylights supply: Bluetek / FR-37 Luynes

■ Façade NSHEV supply: Souchier-Boullet / FR-77 Lognes

■ Installation and control systems: SIA / FR-95 Taverny

■ Advertorial contact: Katia Schlich

Inauguration of La Berangerie Showroom
Inauguration of La Berangerie Showroom

Inauguration of La Berangerie showroom

Rodolphe Godin, Marketing Manager Adexsi and Emile Alberola Managing Director for Bluetek


Corridor and VIP area La Berangerie Pantin

Bluebac Pneu skylight PCA Pearl Inside

Lionel Gregoire, Prescription Director France Bluetek

VIP room La Berangerie Pantin

Inauguration of La Berangerie showroom

Antoine Fritsch and Thierry Coste, designers

Bruno Charnay, Sfel and Luminaires GAL CEO

SageGlass glass roof 6X4 m

Edgar Pinto Sales representative for control systems, Gerard Gaget Evaporative cooling Manager and Philippe Fritzinger Managing Director for Adexsi

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