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The Wonders Of Craftsmanship

Details Of Leaf Gilding

The path through years of artistry and time-honored high-end craftsmanship continues, with Boca do Lobo Blog letting you in on all the secrets that make our furniture designs truly iconic and unique. Gold has always been a strong part of our DNA, and our artisans have become masters in manipulating this treasured material. Much like Filigree, Leaf Gilding is an intricate part of our essence.

Gilding, and Leaf Gilding specifically, is one of the most luxurious ancient crafting techniques. It is a decorative technique in which master artisans apply a very thin coating of metal. Gold Leaves are created from gold that is hammered into thin sheets by gold beating, then they will be used for leaf gilding. The most commonly used gold is 22 karats yellow gold, while pure gold is 24.

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The Wonders Of Craftsmanship


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