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Iginio Massari chooses Buzzi & Buzzi for the lighting of his new pastry shop in Piazza Duomo, Milan

BUZZI & BUZZI enhances Iginio Massari’s “patisserie inside the bank”. The Italian maître patissier has in fact decided to launch a new project. Despite his many successful activities and awards achieved during his career, which started when the chef was only 16, Massari doesn’t stop and chooses the quality of Buzzi & Buzzi for his new pastry shop in Milan, the first one not in Brescia, his hometown.

The shop will be located a few minutes’ walk from Piazza Duomo, inside a branch of Intesa San Paolo - the project started as a joint-venture betweem Massari and the bank. A strategic and exclusive position that represents a very important international window, where Buzzi & Buzzi design and technologies will not go unnoticed.

For the style of the pastry shop, Massari opted for a minimal luxury, characterized by bright colors, such as white and champagne, and Buzzi & Buzzi designed luminaires that would enhance the clean lines of the large space, with a twist of unique lights. For the shop’s luminaries, the Made In Italy brand used some of its most iconic products and included one of his 2018 top new products: Genius Naked.

It is Genius Naked - the luminaire installed exclusively for Massari and presented by Buzzi & Buzzi at Light+Building 2018, the renowned lighting fair that will take place in Frankfurt- that will light up the shop window and the front area of the pastry shop: the entrance and the part in front of the counter. This product is made of aluminum and is a totally recessed ceiling device, perfect for indoor spaces, which can be installed on different surfaces made of marble, glass, wood,iron, cement, mirrors or industrial modules with a light emission hole of 20mms.

In order to conform to the luxury design of the fittings, Buzzi & Buzzi has selected one of its most beautiful products. In the entrance, Buzzi & Buzzi placed 12 Zen, suspended luminaires made of AirCoral®, designed by ASZArchitetti. Air Coral is an innovative material created and patented by Buzzi & Buzzi. Remarkably, this material is anti-polluting and anti-bacterial, highly resistant and particularly appropriate for public spaces: it improves the quality of life for those inhabiting the areas where it has been installed, releasing purifying elements also when the device is off. With this product, the material is at the service of the architecture, thanks to its unusual shape that does not go unnoticed. The refined and homogenous light beam is perfect for embellishing the entrance of the pastry shop.

The minimal design of the spacious shop, characterized by snowy shades and clear lines, will contrast with the splashes of colors of the cakes displayed on the counter, the true protagonist of the shop, that will be enhanced by Q3, an on rail product made of aluminum with black powder finish, of the IRON line by Buzzi & Buzzi.

To illuminate the area surrounding the counter, Buzzi & Buzzi chose Twin Genius, a totally recessed product with double light emission hole, made of Air Coral.

Inside the bar, the environment will be brightened by the products of the Genius range: Genius and Twin Genius, also used for the illumination of the kitchen, the most important part of this context since it enhances the colors of the pastries and the creams.

Basic Round, on the other hand, is the product that customizes the toilets; totally recessed ceiling, device from the BASIC collection, characterized by a unique minimal design, perfect for indoor environments and entirely made of Coral®.

Once again, Buzzi & Buzzi proves the incredible value of its products. The “patisserie inside the bank” is a feast of Made In Italy excellences, where the incredible talent of Iginio Massari is enhanced by the light of Buzzi & Buzzi products, manufactured with cutting edge technologies and eco-friendly materials.

The experience of the Made in Italy brand, which has been working in the lighting field for over 20 years, guarantees quality and expertise due to the latest technologies and the constant search of new sustainable materials patented by the Italian company. Buzzi & Buzzi qualities are the perfect ingredients to brighten up the sweetest place in Milan.

Buzzi & Buzzi for Iginio Massari

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