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Caimi Brevetti is delighted to introduce its newest Snowsound catalogue. The catalogue features a fresh and minimalist graphic style to illustrate and describe its extensive patented collection of sound absorbing panels and systems, which have revolutionized the field of sound mitigation in the past decade.

Perfectly consistent with its 70 years of history travelled on the road of design, Caimi Brevetti has engaged multiple designers to give tangible shape to the exceptional acoustic performance of all Snowsound products. And so, the history of design creativity and technological experience unfolds through the pages of the catalogue, illustrated through the expansive and varied collection of products. The catalogue is in five sections, which each delivers real solutions to the many needs of acoustic correction in public and residential spaces.

Snowsound Technology is based on panels constructed in variable density material, which enables the panels to selectively absorb the various sound frequencies, to maximally optimise the room acoustics. Without frames or seams, they are lightweight, agile and fit perfectly in any space.

When manufacturing falls in love with art, the result is Snowsound Art: sound absorbing panels that resemble actual works of art by replicating the works of modern and contemporary artists.

Snowsound Fiber Products is an acoustic fabric that puts design in the focus, to offer an effective mitigation to acoustic reverberation in spaces.

Snowsound Extra are real furnishing pieces but with the added benefit of sound absorbency.

Snowsound Fiber Textiles is a diverse range of fabrics, comprised of polyester acoustic fibres that are intrinsically fire resistant and interwoven. Their interaction with the air allows it to control acoustic reverberation and more precisely regulate the acoustic response in any space.

More than one hundred fifty pages of the catalogue demonstrate an exciting photo gallery of multiple settings where Snowsound collection products are used. Offices, public spaces and museums, schools and educational institutions, shops, restaurants, bars, music halls, and residences. Thanks to Snowsound by Caimi Brevetti, the perfect solution for any acoustic problem is at hand, while never sacrificing the desire for beauty and environmental sustainability.

Snowsound catalogue
Snowsound catalogue

New Snowsound catalogue 2019

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