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The new trends of luxury good for Atelier and Boutique

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How to decorate a store can attract your audience?

The secret lies in designing an effective shopping experience, finding the right balance between the presentation of services and the aesthetic satisfaction of customers.

The latest design trends come to our aid with multiple suggestions, a mix of styles and inspirations to create new and personalized proposals.

The furnishing of high-end shops, ateliers and boutiques is inspired today by trends of strong visual impact and extreme elegance.

We share the most successful trends with you.

Minimal Retro

Over the years the retro style continues to evolve. In 2019 this trend seems destined to blend wisely with the essentiality of the minimal style. New exclusive and original ambiences will come to life thanks to a few unique pieces, within spaces characterized by minimalism and sobriety.

The color palette is the central element to build the mood and soul of shop furnishings. In 2019 pastel colors give way to monochrome and neutral tones to create an atmosphere that speaks the language of refinement.

The simplicity of clean lines is a timeless trend. Natural stone, with its elegance, is the perfect material to create evocative ambiences rich of contrasts, for a unique and timeless effect.

Iconic pieces

In a context of great simplicity, the secret is to abandon the superfluous and focus on iconic pieces. If 2019 is the year of essential style, today it is the details of the design complements that enliven the furnishings of the store. Soft upholstered sofas and custom-made crafted mirrors enhance the products and envelop the customer.

The atmosphere is completed by the wise use of light design and soft lighting.

Absolutely contemporary forms, embellished with handmade frames, those of the MF mirrors, authentic light sculptures, able to combine craftsmanship and beauty, technology and functionality. A proposal of great impact, able to give to the furnishing of the store a sophisticated and luxurious allure.

Discover tailor-made solutions to make your business unique.

Lighted mirror for atelier
Lighted mirror for atelier

Unica lighted mirror luxury frame

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