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The mirror that lights you

In a bathroom furnishing project, both private and in the hotel, in addition to the selection of sanitary ware and furniture, the part relating to lighting should not be underestimated. If we talk about mirrors, not all solutions offer an optimal result.

Having a natural light would be perfect, but it is not always possible, and natural light changes throughout the day. In almost all the bathrooms there are 2 main light points, the central one and the one on the mirror (or integrated in it). In this last case, the light points create a wrong lighting (too strong, too dim) and annoying shadows, risking to alter the reflection.

The Linea Unica mirrors create an enveloping light, without shadows and do not necessarily require other light sources to illuminate the entire room.

Thanks to the experience and continuous research we have created a complete range of mirrors that guarantee a uniform light emission, with natural color gradation.

The light points are not light bulbs but special lenses with high refractivity, the mirror becomes safer, does not emit heat and the light remains unchanged over time.

The light is free from biological photo risk, it is adjustable in intensity and is low consumption, thus making Unica mirrors friends of the environment.

The aluminum structure guarantees resistance and non-deformability

 A complete range of mirrors with integrated lights, with lenses set into the surface of the glass able to create an enveloping and natural lighting in the bathroom

Possibility of realizations on project based on the needs of furnishing and lighting of the environment. The clean lines of the mirrors and their sober design make them compatible with any bathroom furnishing style, from the most classic to the most modern.

private bathrooms or bathrooms of luxury resorts and hotels, as well as in commercial spaces such as beauty centers, dressing rooms or pharmacies (the i-Light system is indeed tested and highly appreciated in the professional Beauty sector) will be further enhanced thanks to the functionality of the Unica mirror mirrors.

Unica lighed round mirror for bathroom
Unica lighed round mirror for bathroom

Bathroom lighted mirror

Lighted mirror for bedroom

dressing room Unica mirror

lighted mirror for dressing room

Unica framed lighted batrhoom mirror

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