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Nature becomes a décor

Casalgrande Padana spa
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Macro and Terrazzo are the two granite-effect porcelain stoneware tile collections that give a contemporary twist to marble-grit and seminato floorings, in which the random repetition of irregular elements creates the effect of a natural carpet.

With Macro, it’s the material itself that takes centre stage to become a décor, an image resulting from the combination of stones and pebbles, irregular pieces of a dynamic puzzle that adds an elegant touch to the room.

Moro, Bianco, Carnico, and Grigio are the four variants available in sizes that range from 59x59 cm to 118x236 cm, with the 6.5 mm or the traditional 10 mm thickness. All these variants come with shiny finish to emphasise the overall image of the surface and many shade variations.

This collection is perfect for residential use but creates a warm atmosphere in any setting, including hotel lobbies, shops, restaurants, eateries and retail spaces.Terrazzo is a reinterpretation of a natural “mosaic” made with pieces of different sizes that find their position within the perimeter of the tile to create an elegant and sophisticated set. Designed mainly for residential settings, this new collection of granite-effect porcelain stoneware tiles creates a continuous surface with a seamless image.

Terrazzo is available in Pearl, Grey, White, Black, and Beige, with shiny and natural antislip Grip R11 finishes, and in the following sizes: 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 37.5x75.5 cm, 75.5x75.5 cm, and 90x90 cm.

Our porcelain stoneware tiles give a contemporary twist to the charm of a Venetian seminato or terrazzo flooring, the atmosphere in which a grit flooring is synonymous with home, and the polished surface that emphasised the contrast between irregular elements and the rigorous geometry of the rooms.

Nature becomes a décor

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