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Urban Beach House

Urban Beach House

Located on the coast of Bondi Beach, one of the most famous in Australia, is the Urban Beach House, a modern home in industrial chic style, designed by the architect Justin Quinlan to guarantee comfort and privacy. Inspired by the phrase “a house is a machine for living in”, which sums up the theoretical manual ‘Vers une architecture’ by Le Corbusier, the Urban Beach House blends smoothly with the surrounding landscape, and has been conceived in keeping with painstaking attention to detail and the owner’s love of technology. The materials have been chosen with a keen eye on sustainability: the building is equipped with modern automation systems connected to portable devices, and the roof is covered with solar panels. The indoor and outdoor floors are tiled with the Chalon porcelain stoneware collection in the colour Grey, in the sizes 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm.

Composed of three distinct parts, the open-plan masonry building reminiscent of the modernism characteristic of Palm Springs in the 1950s is constructed on four levels, with intersecting geometries that bring dynamism to the entire structure: on the ground floor, a glass pavilion hosts the public and entertainment areas, with the utility areas to the south, while the private areas of the home are located in a part covered in wood. Outside the home are a swimming pool, a cabin, and an area for socialising.

Chalon is a stone-effect porcelain stoneware collection inspired by our land and its unique materials, bearing traces of a far-off past and giving them a contemporary edge. The timeless beauty and charm of natural stone are teamed with the superb technical properties of porcelain stoneware, extending its potential uses, with irregular veining patterns and subtle shades enhancing the colour and pleasant feel of the material of inspiration. These stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles by Casalgrande Padana are long-lasting, inalterable, non-absorbent and fire-resistant; they also have excellent bending strength and stand up to frost and wear and tear. They are completely recyclable, and are unaffected by shifts in temperature whatever the location. They are non-deformable, do not alter or age over time, and have excellent mechanical resistance.

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Urban Beach House


  • SP467, 42013 Casalgrande RE, Italy
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