Colognola ai Colli Primary School | Verona, IT

CELENIT Isolant Naturali
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The study of the form of development of the internal façade finds its first inspiration from the observation of the surrounding area. In particular, the hills around the area suggest a shape that immediately reminds us of a heart; draws the space of the school's internal courtyard, closes it in an embrace, makes it a protected space without however imposing a heavy physical closure. A play of facets and irregular shapes shape the faces of the internal elevation and volumes of the new school building, none the same as the other, all with different deformations. Distributively, the school is made up of a body on two levels which houses the teaching and service functions. On one level, however, remains the large and airy entrance hall which leads to the ground floor classrooms and the vertical distribution system on one side, and to the special and multipurpose classrooms on the other.

© photo: Paolo Riolzi | design: Claudio Lucchin e Architetti Associati

Colognola ai Colli Primary School | Verona, IT