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The revolutionary wood effects by Ceramiche Keope: ULTRAMOD / LINEO

Ceramiche Keope rediscovers the nobility of wood with Ultramod, a revolutionary and unconventional line that enhances the character and spirit of the wood surface and its textures.

Inspired by the typical workmanship of the 1950s and 1960s, the company has expressed its excellent skill in the transformation of the material by creating a collection in which rare essences and vibrant decorations recall a new golden age of wood.

Ultramod is an expertly crafted porcelain tile in five colours specially designed to generate new combinations of the rarest and noblest cuts of wood: bostamarinde, zebrawood, rosewood, walnut and ziricote showing jointed streaks and colours of singular elegance.

The enveloping, solid charm of wood is trapped in the porcelain tiles from the new Lineo collection by Ceramiche Keope. The company - one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic wall and floor tiles - presents the new wood-effect series in which nature is revealed in ceramics and recalls the ability to create intimate and dynamic situations.

Its design potential brings a new warmth to rooms and offers a wide range of stylistic choices that meet the needs of modern architecture and elegant design both indoors and outdoors. A solution for hybrid spaces where walls and floors add privileged comfort to furniture, a touch of beauty, continuity and lightness.

Ultramod Cloud
Ultramod Cloud

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