Christophe Fey Concept
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material and color: wallpaper, fabric, paint,

carpet, wood ... But why not play

also with three-dimensional shapes to

change your space?

Dress up a wall, a door, headboard, furniture and ...

change its shape or volume: it is the idea

developed by Christopher Fey, furnishing and gainier

Jean Baptiste Galmiche, artist / graphic designer. modules

3D offer the feature to integrate all

interiors: whether traditional or modern, for

individuals or professionals.

The modules in three dimensions just fit over

all types of materials: wood, brick, concrete, plaster and ...

bring the volume to the part you want to


You have a choice of leather: smooth or

grainy, thick or thin ... Leathers come, according

your tastes and your preferences, cow, goat parchment

ostrich ...

You can play on an infinite palette of colors:

wise and classic colors (brown, beige, white, black ...) or

even more surprising with very vibrant colors

(yellow, green, red, indigo ....)

It is also possible to combine modules

different colors to give a rendering more


To make your still warm interior,

lights can be disposed in the 3D modules. The

light and diffuse slowly into the room.

Excellent thermal and sound insulation, 3D modules are ideal for dressing rooms "home

cinema ". The distribution and dissemination of sound are further improved.

For maintenance, is simple: just clean with soap and water or with any other

product neutral pH. And if a portion had to be deteriorated, it is possible to change only

single module.

With 3D modules Christophe Fey Concept, shape your interior as you like for a single universe, elegant and warm!


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