NEW: exterior railing by Copal

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In multi-family residential buildings, a balcony is often underestimated as an element of the building

In fact, it is also a perfect place for relaxation and being in contact with nature. A balcony enclosure / glazing is an ideal solution improving functionality and the comfort of use of a flat. Balcony enclosures / glazings may significantly improve the thermal comfort for people spending their time there, and reduce losses in the total heat of the flat. Moreover, owing to the lightness of its enclosure / glazing, a balcony becomes more resistant to the influence of external factors, which makes it easier to keep the flat clean. Balcony enclosures / glazings protect against wind, rain, and various types of pollution, and are an effective noise barrier. In ground-floor flats they also function as burglary protection.

NEW: exterior railing by Copal

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