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The Best View. Yours

a new narrative at the heart of Corradi's 2020 advertising campaign

Corradi presents the new advertising campaign that will be featured in Italian and foreign publications dedicated to the world of design, lifestyle and the trade: a narrative where innovation, creativity and imagination come together to create a new vision of the outdoors. Yours.

While 2019 was a breakthrough year for Corradi's creativity, where the product was experienced as a fashion object, 2020 will be even more provocative.

The result of a partnership with the HOOP creative agency, the new campaign moves away from the product to leave an open space for the imagination of those who will experience that product. The result is a series of creative works that directly involve observers, asking them to imagine an external space that becomes a place, a place that can be inhabited by their emotions and filled with their passions. Without any limits.

The leap from "space to enjoy some time" to "place to live outdoors" transports us into an innovative, futuristic universe full of opportunities, where the focus is a new vision of the outdoors.

The protagonist of the 2020 campaign is IMAGO, the new product created by Corradi, which for its intrinsic characteristics of flexibility, adaptability and as an expression of infinite possibilities best expresses the concept of the campaign, "The best view. Yours".

"Choosing to communicate through an unconventional narrative has always been a characteristic trait of Corradi. Once again, in this campaign we wanted to focus on our founding values: creativity, tailoring and a fluid vision of the outdoors: not just a space, but a real place where everyone can express themselves as they wish, without limits, and where the dimension of one's dreams becomes important", explained Sully Briskomatis, Marketing & Communications Manager at Corradi.

The Best View. Yours


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