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Beautiful terrace lounge with pergola CospiBio!

The bioclimatic pergola CospiBio , the art of living outside differently!

A pergola on a house or an apartment roof terrace is a dream that becomes reality.

The terrace, a privileged place of the house offering a view on the whole city , it can be easily transformed into a unique living space.

With a bioclimatic roof for your terrace, your relaxation area will be comfortable and a source of pleasure. Because the sun's rays and the heat can sometimes be unbearable, the need to arrange your space becomes unavoidable. The installation of a pergola on your roof terrace will allow you to create a shaded paradise while keeping the sunshine under control. A play of light and shade, ventilation and coolness, enjoy comfort and well-being at all times.

Without a doubt, it was that magnificent view that won you over when you bought your apartment or penthouse. With bioclimatic pergola CospiBio patio cover you can now enjoy it even more.

Beautiful terrace lounge with bioclimatic pergola CospiBio!


  • Imvrou 1, Marousi 151 24, Greece
  • COSPICON -Chara Kokolaki