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Bioclimatic pergola CospiBio, the perfect solution for your terrace

Maximise your outdoor living experience with CospiBio bioclimatic pergola

New technologies and materials applied to the principles of bioclimatic architecture. Frame the environment and allow us to enjoy the outdoor spaces, dressing terraces with great elegance, not only the summer months if not also the rest of the year, a new experience with the bioclimatic pergolas that apply the latest resources to reduce energy consumption.

Its bioclimatic technology gives us a protection and optimization of the use of outdoor spaces, allowing adjusting the installation at all times, ventilation in case of strong heat, and protection against rain, wind or snow. All this thanks to a simple operation of aluminum slats manually or by remote control that allows us to orient them in any position or close them completely.

Installing a bioclimatic pergola CospiBio in your garden or terrace is a safe , not only for the design, innovation and avant-garde that it brings but also for the comfort and functionality that is achieved in the spaces allowing us to enjoy them at any time and at any time with the maximum guarantee and quality thanks to personalized designs where exclusivity and elegance take center stage in the space.

Adjustable slats that regulate light

The adjustable slats are the key to this type of roof, not only can protect from solar radiation by maintaining a well-lit space, but they also generate natural ventilation while keeping the space shaded. The circulation of air between the slats avoids the greenhouse effect, the air is renewed and cooled functioning as a natural air conditioning.

The water is evacuated by one side of the pergola, this way it does not accumulate on the slats , preventing the water from falling once the slats are reoriented. Bioclimatic pergola contribute to energy efficiency in buildings, reducing the need for air conditioning, protecting the facades of insolation and the outdoor furniture of the sun and rain.

With just 5º of opening, the pergola CospiBio is still waterproof despite rain, but allows the area to aerate to avoid a greenhouse effect. In a position of 90º-120º, the opening of the slats allows a total use of the sun. The total regulation of the slats makes possible an optimal combination of sun and ventilation at any time of the day.

In winter the slats of CospiBio pergola close completely preventing the entry of water, wind or even snow.

Bioclimatic pergola CospiBio, the perfect solution for your terrace


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