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CospiEpal glass wall system transforms a terrace to a cozy outdoor room

The CospiEpal glass wall system creates modern and contemporary living spaces.

While interior glass walls are perfect solution for visual interior expansion and addition of modern feel, CospiEpal glass walls might be the key feature when it comes to creating contemporary and modern living spaces.

Benefits of having an exterior glass walls as part of your house gives you numerous advantages.

Interiors filled with daylight: Not only daylight is good for our health, it is good for our finances too. By using glass walls, interiors become brighter, more comfortable and well lit at all times while the household saves a fortune on electricity bills in a long term.

Connection with the outdoors: Connecting the interior living spaces with the exterior is simply a must do if one lives in a house. And there’s no better solution than large sliding glass walls uniting the patio and garden with, for example, living room.

Better living experience: Depending on property location, exterior glass walls could offer beautiful and dynamic views which improves living experience and makes it better.

Natural ventilation: House ventilation is important but often overlooked topic. Since exterior glass walls offer the possibility to completely open up interiors, all rooms become fresh and well ventilated.

Ideal for family homes: Younger kids love playing outside, during winter months is not possible due to poor weather conditions. Depending on the floor plan and overall property configuration, glass walls might bethe best solution.

The CospiEpal glass wall system transforms a terrace into a cozy outdoor  room


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