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Cospisun Pergola

Cospisun coverage is an excellent system which provides superior physical properties, endless specification options , it matches unique architectural designs and helps to achieve a sophisticated look in every construction.

It is waterproof pergola with natural lighting and ventilation, light transmission roof and at the same time ensures shade depending on the color of the polycarbonate and the combination of repetition of aluminum slats.

Cospisun cover is made of unbreakable polycarbonate and aluminum, lightweight construction can be installed on any existing structure of cement, wood, metal, regardless of shape and size. Ideal for terrace, garden, bbq, garage, roof, balcony, canopies, sunrooms, outdoor play, family areas, swimming pool, garden centers, green houses, ware houses and all roofing and siding in architectural, industrial and public buildings.

Cospisun Pergola


  • Imvrou, Athina, Greece
  • COSPICON -Chara Kokolaki