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Wall mounted bioclimatic pergola CospiBio

Spend more time in your garden with the CospiBio bioclimatic pergola.

A CospiBio wall-mounted bioclimatic pergola is ideal for combining your home and garden. It can frame your patio doors meaning you can make the most of the space in a garden. Drinks with friends and relaxing in the sun, children's playtime all have one thing in common: they are enhanced by a CospiBio wall-mounted pergola.

CospiBio with its attractive and elegant design that will leave your garden enriched with elegance and sophistication all year round. Made of high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum that requires minimal maintenance when exposed to all weather conditions. The components are specially designed to withstand all types of weather conditions from high winds to direct sunlight without degrading or failing over time.

So whether you want to create a shady or sunny spot in your garden or outdoor space, whether you want to protect from the rain, or simply want a stunning architectural structure that allows the sun to shine during the day or enables you to sit and gaze at the stars at night, this wonderful modern CospiBio pergola is for you.


  • Imvrou 1, Marousi 151 24, Greece