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Picnic Table "Monsieur ©" Vincent Dupont-Rougier design

The picnic table "Monsieur" from the collection of the same name is a spontaneous creation where functionality and aesthetic occupy places of equal importance.

Object dimensions allow creating large reception areas to share a good family time, entertaining friends or even meeting new people.

The benches and table made of a single piece are connected by the structure of the object, thus forming the strongest of set and designed specifically for a high number of visitors.

In addition to its comfort the design incorporates also a side allowing access to a wheelchair.

The materials selected for their texture, durability and aesthetic bring furniture and nature closer.

Overall dimensions (mm): height 843 X width 1565X length 2500

Weight (kg): 535

Materials and Finishes: Corten corten oxidized or coated; exotic wood Treaty.