Davide Barzaghi
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We believe in a world where products we make won't be a problem for future generations

Do you know how much plastic is currently used to make a sofa?

More or less 35kg, the annual average consumption for an european citizen.

Do you know how much plastic is produced in the world every year?

311 billion tonnes (2016 - World Economic Forum data)

Do you know how much of this plastic is recycled?

Less than 10%, and barely 2% if you consider only the cascade recycling. (2016 - World Economic Forum data)

More than 70% of the plastic we use ends up in our land or in our water.

Now you know.

We're doing our part because we believe in virtuous circle that keep the enviroment safe.

Cause this is the ecosystem that keep us alive.

Our furniture is made out of harmless natural materials.

You can keep it for generations because our pieces are durable and easy to repair or update, or you can destroy it with no impact on the ecosystem.

Choose a sustainable way of living.

Choose us.




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Casquet in Nature

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modular sofa CASQUET by Ddpstudio
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