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U-Boot Beton® Design Software

U-Boot Beton® Design Software is online

U-Boot Beton® Design Software is online: it is the ideal tool for designing of voided slabs without drop panels or drop beams.

The software meets all the needs of designers who deal with the study of the voided slabs with the U-Boot Beton® system of Daliform Group, providing them with all the necessary data to properly carry out the structural analysis of the slab designing:

– the geometric and inertial characteristics of the resistant cross-section;

– inertia and weight modifiers to consider in FEM Analysis for “plate” elements of the same thickness;

– resistant moment and shear resistant values;

– detailed and complete CAD cross sections which report all the information implemented by the user;

– a comprehensive report of all input and output data.

The Software is available online.


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