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Espace Tourbillon – the future of Geneva

A very prestigious project that Daliform Group has started in Geneva

Daliform Group has started a very prestigious project in Geneva, more exactly in Plan-les-Ouates.

We are talking about Espace Tourbillon, a 95.000 smq complex that includes the construction of 5 buildings to host offices, apartments, restaurants, shops, storage areas and various public spaces. Furthermore, the tramway line will be ended in 2019 and guarantee a direct connection with the city’s key points.

All the above-ground slabs – around 85.000 smq – are under construction with our system U-Boot Beton®, preferred to other solutions of lightened slabs, for its versatility, easy installation and storage: an essential advantage if you think about the organization of the goods in a so great building site, located in a high urbanized area.

The end of the works is expected for 2021 and Espace Tourbillon is expected to bring economic and commercial benefits to the city and the entire Switzerland.

Espace Tourbillon – the future of Geneva


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