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Future building in 100 italian stories

The research "100 italian stories for future building", created by Symbola Foundation and Fassa Bortolo, was presented at Palazzo Giacomelli in Treviso. Daliform Group between the most innovative Italian Companies.

On Thursday 18 April 2019, in the wonderful setting of Palazzo Giacomelli in Treviso, with the presence of the Mayor Mario Conte and other authorities, it was presented the project “100 Italian stories for future building”, the story of a hundred realities of the building industry that, through the innovation, challenge the future, created by Symbola Foundation in collaboration with Fassa Bortolo.

Several issues were discussed, issues that unite the work of 100 Italian excellences included in this report, among which Daliform G. In particular, there was talked about innovation, sustainability, green building and urban regeneration: key ingredients in the relaunch of the building market.

During the presentation, Dr. Sturabotti Domenico, Director of the Symbola Foundation, briefly dwelt on Daliform Group and its innovative items: an example of how sustainability and quality can coexist in a single product.

Besides Ermete Realacci (President of the Symbola Foundation) and Paolo Fassa (President of Fassa Bortolo), Maria Cristina Piovesana (President Vicar of Assindustria Venetocentro) and the architect and designer Tobia Scarpa also intervened in the resulting debate. All moderated by the RAI journalist, Maria Pia Zorzi.


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