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Iglu'® Green Roof by Daliform Group for green roofs in the cities. New gardens for the city’s life.

Green architecture against the social degradation.

Green architecture against the social degradation. A trend which is spreading day by day not only like a concept of the residential and private building’s furniture, but also to redevelop some degraded suburbs’ areas with innovative solutions from the technological point of view.

This is the case of a social housing complex in the city of Boulogne Billancourt (France), once inhabited by the workers of the Citröen, now incorporated by Paris itself and subject to massive redevelopment by great architects such as Jean Nouvel, Renzo Piano, Herzong & De Meuron to name a few. What was once a popular area is now turning into one of the most modern and chic districts of the “Ville Lumière”. The intervention concerned two buildings built in the 1960s, in a state of decay and inhabited by socially difficult people, to whom it was decided to make the living space more pleasant and livable: the separation surface between the two buildings, to cover the garages, it was then transformed into a green area.

The main problem that arises in the realization of these compositions is to create the different levels without excessively burdening the load-bearing structures. Of course, the existing structure had limited possibilities to be further loaded and therefore the use of Iglu’® Green Roof and the Atlantis System was the ideal solution to the problem. In fact, thanks to the Iglu’® Green Roof and the Atlantis System it was possible to create spaces at different levels quickly, easily and absolutely economically.

Daliform Group has always been concerned with providing innovative solutions in the construction field that are oriented towards environmental protection and energy saving. The Iglu'® and Atlantis systems, based on disposable formworks in 100% recycled polypropylene, initially created to create ventilated crawl spaces and cavities, over time have found increasingly widespread use in other fields of application such as: recovery and collection of rainwater, cycle paths and greenhouses, anti-root applications, roofs and hanging gardens, geothermal energy and heat recovery.


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