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Interior design trends for 2019

Ideas and tips to decor your place

Our usual article on current year interior design trends this time was a bit delayed by our new online shop going live beginning end of February. By the way please go and have a look at it it s awesome!

Again as every year in 2019 we see some trends to be confirmed and other overcome. Minimalism is definitely here to stay. When in doubt, remember the rule less is more is always right. Minimal design mean essential and linear furniture, square shapes and geometric patterns. For those who love the industrial style, fear not, continues to remain high in the ranking especially in the new form of rustic industrial decor. Now the spacious bldings made of concrete, cast iron and and iron are blanced by a more romantic vibe thans to wooden beams and shelves. Another trend that had a snuck up already in 2018 and stays in 2019 is the animalier. Beautiful and wild leopard and zebra motives for textiles and carpets are a must have. This year we leave tropics to explore savannah, we leave aside the greenery colours to embrace more earthy colours such as brown, mustard and deep reds.

n one hand we have minimalism and industrial style with their sober and rational vibes on the other hand we have eccentric fabrics, intense colours and luxury accessories. The colours of the year are intense and and bright such as electric blue, lemon yellow, dark green and red. However, the neutral colors such as dove grey and pastel colors remain very popular because they represent a safer choice for walls and furniture especially. Furnishing accessories instead become true piece of jewelleries thanks to a luxury material choice as velvet, gold, marble. We can say that the interior design key word is contrast, between linear and minimal furniture and eccentric colours and accessories.

Finally, in terms of the space organization, open space is the most popular choice solution, because it is the best way optimise space in a world where space isn't enough. Equally the increasing offer of multifunctional furniture and space-saving units meets the need to free up more space. For example, bookcases not only hold books but they also work as dividing walls as well, furniture become containers and the tables are stackable and so on.

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