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HYDRAHYDRA by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

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Hydra scatters light like water

Light moves off from an illuminator and is carried through an optical fibre across space to a terminal with an extractor that adjusts its emission. Hydra therefore generates a distribution system that is not fixed and integrated into the architecture, but rather free to change its configuration to respond to functional and space layout needs. Moreover, the illuminator can be seen as an additional component that can be updated to keep up with fast technological innovation. The 5-metre optical fibre module has a limited line loss that allows the material to convey light with minimum leakage, and contains additives that ensure its flexibility. While a very large luminous flow is conveyed, only a minimum rate of such flow is emitted laterally. This makes it visible in space and allows perception of the surrounding area. The individual terminals control emission and accurately define the performance. Practical hooks allow to set up Hydra in space to carry light anywhere. Hydra generates a mark of light to define new spaces, which can also be seen as a deed of art.

HYDRAHYDRA by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

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