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OLMO by Giulio Iachetti

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Olmo is a system based on a combination of plain optical and mechanical elements: a linear track module, a junction that is also a power connection, and three luminous heads that offer different performances

The track’s structure has a C-section to ensure appropriate structural properties and accommodate an innovative printed circuit board within for power supply. Underneath is a thin iron edge that supports the luminous bodies with a magnetic joint. The suspension tracks ensure maximum mounting flexibility, in that they can be either connected with each other or installed vertically or horizontally. in fact these are connected via an element that ensures power and mechanical connection and turns to define any angle between both consecutive tracks upon installing Olmo is therefore a system that grows freely and unpredictably to adjust its geometry, look, and lighting performance to space. The lighting elements can be freely fitted along the track in varying numbers. The innovative circuit allows the system to support up to 130W with a single power point. The luminous heads come in two versions: spot or diffused light the spot has a controlled emission and is fitted with a junction allowing 360° rotation and 90° tilting. The diffused emission light comes in two sizes to offer lighting of varying intensities. Upon installing, each element can be fitted with a dimmer, and the selected setting can be stored for subsequent use, thus allowing accurate definition of countless luminous scenarios. Olmo ensures maximum combination flexibility, in that it allows to create configurations with different numbers of lighting elements on the suspended frames.

OLMO by Giulio Iachetti

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