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Diasen is B Corp!

With the important certification B Corp Diasen becomes part of the global network of over 2000 companies that voluntarily meet certain standards of transparency, accountability and sustainability

A new, prestigious certification for Diasen company , specialized in the ecological building sector. We are talking about the B Corporation certification, issued by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. "B" is for Beneficio, thus certifying over 2000 companies worldwide that voluntarily meet certain standards of transparency, accountability and sustainability. Diasen is one of the very first companies Marche and one of the first Italian certified B Corp. Of over 70 thousand companies in 60 countries around the world, only 2,337 crossed the line, of which 80 are Italian.


"Responsability for society and the environment, together with transparency towards stakeholders are values ​​in which Diasen has always believed strongly and on which it has built its entire company policy over the years - explained Diego Mingarelli, CEO Diasen - with B Corp, we finally see the aim that we pursue in Diasen every day: to strive to be better for society and for the world through the constant care of the true "corporate well-being", the continuous search for harmony among people , product and profit. Being a B Corp means to innovate, maximizing the positive impact as much as possible, bringing solutions to environmental and social problems, respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency, responsibility and sustainability ".


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  • Elisabetta Monti