Launch of the new Dickson Flooring Project configurator

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We presented our Dickson Flooring Project tool during the launch of the new Dickson Woven Flooring collection at Euroshop. A 3D floor configurator, it simulates Dickson flooring in a space of your choice. From selecting the layout to the color and ra

Since each room presents a new challenge, our configurator allows you to experiment and modulate your flooring. From offices to hotels and homes, every space is unique – just like your interior design choices. Now available to order in multiple shapes, Dickson floors offer infinite layout possibilities. Free yourself from standard layouts or complement them by mixing products and shapes to create rhythm, perspectives and reflections to transform your interiors.

Play with lighting, textures and reflections and give free rein to your imagination. Make your own rules and transform your flooring into a design statement with our ranges and their unique color palette.

Turn your floor into an infinitive source of creative expression - and flooring into an art form!

Launch of the new Dickson Flooring Project configurator

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