Dickson reveals its latest collection of indoor and outdoor rugs

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Discover the Classic and Iconic ranges

An interior design game-changer, Dickson’s new woven vinyl rugs bring indoor and outdoor spaces to life. Available in two ranges – Classic and Iconic – our rugs come in a wide selection of shapes and textures, deepen the intensity of our primary material, and add character to your surroundings.

Dickson rugs fit seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor decoration scheme. With their unique contemporary shapes and combined with brilliantly vibrant colors, they bring personality to any space.

Woven vinyl rug: a modern and designer collection
Woven vinyl rug: a modern and designer collection

A decorative addition to any indoor or outdoor space, from offices and hotels to restaurants and terraces, this new range of "in & out" rugs blurs the line between interior and exterior.

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