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The new partnerships with ArredoCAD

It’s fall and Dinamica Software starts the autumnal season with many news for ArredoCAD. Among them there is the collaboration with prestigious partners that means more innovation, research, technology and a forefront position for one of the most famous company in the design sector.

WHO IS RINTAL? – New partnership with Rintal: Leading company in the design and the production of interior staircases in Italy and worldwide since 1974. One of its strong points is technical innovation, when it comes to combine quality and comfort. Rintal produces not only interior and external staircases, but also mezzanines, railings and covering for masonry staircases to insert in projects for residential, commercial and public buildings.

ARREDOCAD&RINTAL – Thanks to the partnership between ArredoCAD and Rintal you can create and customize your staircase in few clicks: Open staircases (interior staircases that can become an irreplaceable element for your house), spiral staircases (in wood, steel or glass to combine design and comfort both indoor and outdoor), mini staircases (to optimize the space available in your home). Furthermore you can choose the number of steps and ramps, the type of landing,mezzanine, the size of the last step as well as railing. Everything you need according to your style and customizing needs. ArredoCAD and Rintal are synonyms of quality, safety, great flexibility and high customization level according to your taste and requests.

WHO IS EDRA? – Another partnership with EDRA: A consolidated trademark, a point of reference for Made in Italy worldwide in the design sector. A mix of talent, creativity, passion, craftsmanship, research on materials, flexibility and innovative technology. Sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and accessories: Everything is created with a great attention to research on new materials and the desire to reinvent the company again and again.

ARREDOCAD&EDRA – Thanks to ArredoCAD and Edra every creative concept can be transformed into an industrial project. The key words of this partnership are: highly complex Technology, great functionality and comfort, craftsmanship (that makes every product unique with a great attention to details), materials (able to convey new feelings, impressions and sensory reactions), comfort (with new shapes and materials the concept of comfort becomes bigger and open itself to new possibilities satisfying new needs, universal style: modern. classical or minimal that can be combined very easy with this versatile concept of design and aesthetics.

WHO IS GLAMORA? – GLAMORA is an international specialit in producing wall paper for flats, shops, offices, wellnes centres, restaurants, schools and many many other places. A creative team – made up of joung persons talented in design as well as in drawing and of international famous designers – that undertakes a continuous research in terms of aesthetics and materials. A typical Italian leaning that meets design at international level.

ARREDOCAD&GLAMORA – Glamora, already partner of ArredoCAD, has started an additional collaboration with the Software: Thanks to Wallcovering you can transform every space beeing inspired by everything is surrounding you, from nature to classical monuments, from design to contemporary art, passing through dreams and pop art as well as vintage style. In this way you can travel through emotions, signs and visions with an exclusive aesthetic research as well as research of materials, creative designers for original and attractive projects.


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