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RealTime Render and the new Plug-in VideoPath

Thanks to the updates if ArredoCAD 13 you can find out new crucial functions including the REAL TIME RENDER and the new PLUG-IN VIDEOPATH PLUS. The quality of the Real Time Render image will be remarkably improved: That means a high resolution 3D navigation system. The new PLUG IN VIDEOPATH PLUS allows you to create an atracting 3D navigation video in a more simple and easier way. The outcome? A much more performing intuitive and professional software that allows you to plan 3D interiors in a very versartile, rapid and innovative way.

Many new functions available in RealTime Render (3D window): You can visualise luminous effects in your project (light spots and diffused lighting point sources), modify lighting parameters directly from the 3D window visualising changes in real time. In this way you can obtain much stronger depth effects and a much more realistic definition. Another new important function is the flare effect of “turned on” lights inserted and visualized during navigation (new Lens Flare effect). Shadows are better defined too thanks to the new function SSAO (Space Ambient Occlusion), while with the new Antialiasing FXAA you can obtain a higher definition of all objetcs. Another great function is the newdedicated material editor, that allows you to to obtain an incredible realistic rendering of the materials with the possibility to visualise the changes made in real time and to create bump and specularity maps automatically. Furthermore you have the possibility to save images visualised through the 3D window in HD and UltraHD formats and to customize saving features.

As to the additional Plug-in VideoPath Plus (separately purchasable) you can set a 3D navigation path and create a video in .mp4 format. In this way you can create a charming video with HD 3D navigation inside your project in a more rapid and easier way: You have just to set the navigation path and the final quality of the video to obtain in few clicks every photograms of the end video.

Real Time Render and Video Path Plus

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