Dufflè by Spessotto & Agnoletto

Ditre Italia srl
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The Dufflé bergere armchair embodies timeless aesthetics and classic shapes, brought right up-to-date with harmonious, innovative details.

Elegance and timeless charm are the distinctive features of Dufflé, the new bergere armchair

presented for the first time by Ditre Italia at the Salone del Mobile 2016 and designed by Stefano

Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto. Dufflé blends traditional classical style with a more modern

concept, and the result is a sophisticated armchair offering unparalleled comfort.

The Dufflé armchair makes a strong visual impact with its highly distinctive and defined outline,

soft lines and understated, refined design. The tall, comfortable backrest has side headrests

which merge with the armrests and base in a single continuous silhouette, giving the armchair

a sleek, compact shape.

Ditre Italia has come up with a modern-day restyling of the bergere chair which, thanks to

the shape and choice of feet, blends in effortlessly with the other furnishing accessories in

the brand’s range. The feet are available in the slender metal alloy version with 5 different

finishes, an exclusive Ditre Italia design, or in wood and black nickel whose shape is vaguely

anthropomorphic and is inspired by the shape of the walking stick, the must-have accessory

of Parisian dandies.

Thanks to the expertise of Ditre Italia and its innovative upholstery options, the chair a joy to

touch, and is available in fabric, leather or a combination of the two.

Dufflè by Spessotto & Agnoletto

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