What’s inside a sofa by Santambrogio

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Let us show you what's inside a couch

Santambrogio is an Italian company that sell and produce customized sofas for 40 years: its story starts in the upholstery lab of the School of Brera (in Milan) and its name soon become a highlight in the furniture field, because of the use of high quality materials.

If we look at the sofas on the market place we find different prices: that’s because it depends on the way they are produced.

A sofa is made of many parts and it’s very important to take care of the inside as well as the outside: that’s why Santambrogio’ sofas have only strong wooden structures. We know that solid wood can be more expensive than the others but we want our sofas to be eternal, so we choose the best.

The first step to build our structures is to cut and smooth the planks of wood. Once the boards are regular, our craftsmen pierce them in order to put screws while assembling the structure.

The next step is the assembly in which we choose properly the best glue for each sofa, depending on the destination of each product (weather, temperature and humidity).

After boards assembly, we strengthen the structure putting other pieces of solid wood in the internal angle of the frame. By this, we give stability to the sofa.

The last step of this process is to check the quality of the final product before filling and upholstering the sofa.

What’s inside a sofa by Santambrogio

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