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Old sofas, beds and armchairs reupholstery

Our company is a known point of reference for the made in Italy design: our history begins in the sixties when we produced sofas and armchairs exclusively for other companies. 

Thereafter we began to realize our own products and to see our catalog growing every year. 

In addition to the realization of Santambrogio models we also oversee the reupholstering of armchairs sofas, chairs and upholstered beds. 

There are many ways to make a sofa brand new again and we, Santambrogio company, guarantee different types of services: from the substitution of the covering (to change the style of your armchair) up to a real restyling of the entire structure.

In this case, we firstly check the state of the wooden structure then we proceed at a deep cleaning of the wood. The next step is to replace every damaged part of the seat, such as springs, straps, fillings and then the cover.

We guarantee every king of upholstery service, from a simple covering to the more complex capitonné handwork.

Every step of reupholstering is made manually by our mencrafts in our lab in Seveso (Milano).

If you want to receive information about this service, you can send us photos by email explaining what you need.

Restyling by Santambrogio
Restyling by Santambrogio

Replacing the straps of the sofa

Seamstress at work cutting the fabric

Replacing the cover of a chester sofa

A craftsman replacing the cover of the sofa

Our staff at work reupholstering a sofa

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