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Acoustic attenuation - For the sake of your senses

DORMA Hüppe Raumtrennsysteme
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Flexible room partitions create areas ideal for communication. Spaces for learning, working, presenting, listening or perhaps just quiet enjoyment – they all need to offer good speech intelligibility and general audibility.

Acoustic quality is as important to people''s feeling of wellbeing as the lighting and color scheme of an interior. Hard, smooth surfaces such as glass frontages and fairfaced concrete walls give rise to reflected sound with lengthy reverberation times perceived as echoey, disruptive noise.

Functional room acoustics of elegant design DORMAcoustic is a range of acoustic panels developed for MOVEO and Variflex partitions from DORMA Hüppe. The elements ensure good sound absorption to promote both verbal understanding and effortless listening pleasure. With their precision perforations and attractive finishes, they also contribute to the visual ambience of an interior.

Acoustic attenuation - For the sake of your senses

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