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Powers both radiator (high temperature) and under-floor (low temperature) heating systems, and it can be combined with solar panels and/or gas boilers.

E-Brusher® system allows extended autonomous operation

Automatic exchanger cleaning

Lambda temp. probe positioned in the flue path to optimize combustion

Incorporated hydraulic kit (circulator, thermostatic mixing valve, safety valve, expansion tank)

Large removable ash container on wheels with convenient handle (40 litre)

Colour touch-screen control panel

Provision for Domoklima system

Double combustion-chamber door

Innovative technology: The Leonardo System detects the main parameters of combustion (type of pellet, atmospheric conditions, chimney flue conditions) to guarantee optimal operation


Domoklima "GRAPHICA" for controlling the system remotely

Domoklima system accessories

Pneumatic and feed-screw pellet systems

Supplementary pellet hoppers can be connected at the rear or on the side (250 kg to 1000 kg)


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