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Compared to the Basic pellet boiler, the capacity of the ash tray for the new "Plus" version is six times greater, increasing autonomous operation time and reducing emptying frequency.

Bering Plus powers both radiator (high temperature) and under-floor (low temperature) heating systems, and it can be combined with solar panels and/or gas boilers.

Innovative technology: The Leonardo System detects the main parameters of combustion (type of pellet, atmospheric conditions, chimney flue conditions) to guarantee optimal operation.

Built-in kit with high-efficiency circulator, closed expansion tank and safety valve

Provision for Domoklima system

Synoptic panel

Double insulated door

Cast iron hearth

High-efficiency circulator

Domoklima "GRAPHICA" for controlling the system remotely.


Domoklima system accessories.

Pneumatic and feed-screw pellet systems.

Possibility to produce domestic hot water using appropriate accessories

GSM dialler, allows the stove to be switched on and off remotely using a mobile phone


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