Osiris Hertman chose Element4 for his new home!

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Element4's Sky T gets centre stage

In the newest home of top designer Osiris Hertman, our Sky T gas fireplace has been given centre stage. Hertman opted for a beautiful outdoor realization of this popular tunnel fireplace, which offers a view of the atmospheric flames from both outside and inside. We do not want to miss this beautiful creation!

“The recently completed home of Osiris Herman is the ultimate reflection of contemporary top technology, combined with the most creative and groundbreaking version of itself,” says living and lifestyle magazine The Art of Living in its 5th edition. In the publication, no fewer than eight pages are devoted to Hertman’s new home, which The Art of Living calls “an inspiring journey of discovery”.

The house in the Kennemerland is covered with bamboo on the outside and has unique earth-coloured stucco. What is most striking is the application of our stylish Sky T, which serves as a combined indoor and outdoor fireplace. With this it creates the desired ambiance both inside and outside the home. Finished with beautiful robust boulders, the fireplace and chimney are combined into one; which establishes the look of the rest of the home.

Osiris Hertman chose Element4 for his new home!

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