Elframo - the new colour of the logo

Elframo Spa
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Evolution in the name of tradition

April starts with a strong news for the Italian company, leader in the production of professional dishwashers and fryers, specifically designed for the HoReCa market.

The company brand changes its looks&feel to get the shade of brilliant orange. “Elframo has a 51-years-experience and it’s time to give a strong input to the market. This year will be characterized by several changes in the company and the modification of the brand colour is relevant to make immediately visible the evolution of the company”. Maurizio Mora, Elframo’s CEO, explained in this way the colour’s change related to the company logo. “Last year we celebrated our 50° anniversary, now it’s time to look ahead and go on with a new spirit. Today we enter a new era that needs to be marked out by change as evolution. An evolution that doesn’t leave the past behind, but it begins from the past to create something new”.

The new colour of the logotype describes this renewed company essence and it means the will to move into the future. “Orange comes from red, this choice means that Elframo Spa is evolving, but past and tradition are our milestones again. We leave from our past to make possible this change that involves everyone” added Alice Obinu, Marketing & Communication Manager of Elframo Spa.

Elframo - the new colour of the logo

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