Mini sensors for presence detection and room climate control

Elsner Elektronik GmbH
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The new KNX indoor sensors Mini-Sewi KNX from Elsner Elektronik are hardly noticeable on the ceiling and integrate perfectly into the interior. Despite being just 19 mm high and about 51 mm in diameter, they offer a wide range of functions and are av

The basic model Mini-Sewi KNX T records the room temperature and calculates, if required, a room average with data received from the KNX bus. This allows to work with a room average temperature. Several limit values can be set for the temperature. States can be linked via AND and OR logic gates. Minimum, maximum or average values can be calculated with variable comparators.

Mini-Sewi KNX T not only measures temperature, the sensor is also responsible for temperature control. With the integrated PI controller, one- or two-stage heating and cooling is possible.

The models Mini-Sewi KNX TH and TH Pr are able to measure temperature and humidity in the room and calculate the dew point. A PI controller regulates one-stage venting/aerating or one- or two-stage venting. If the comfort field, which is the ideal range of temperature and humidity, is exceeded, the indoor sensors send a message to the KNX bus.

Mini-Sewi KNX TH-Pr additionally detects movement in a room. The exact detection range of the sensor depends on the mounting. At a mounting height of 2.50 m, the presence detector monitors an area of approx. 7.40 m x 5.60 m segmentally.

Mini-Sewi KNX TH-Pr and Mini-Sewi KNX TH
Mini-Sewi KNX TH-Pr and Mini-Sewi KNX TH

KNX indoor sensors for temperature and humidity measurement in the room. The model TH-Pr has an additional presence detector.

Mini-Sewi KNX T(H)

Indoor sensor for temperature measurement or for temperature and humidity measurement

Mini-Sewi KNX TH-Pr

Indoor sensor for temperature and humidity measurement with presence detector

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