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In practice, a multi-generational park is an open public space where recreational and sports activities take place where leisure and sports facilities are provided for several generations. The purpose of this concept is the meeting between generations and the protection of mental and physical health without age restrictions. It is a playground for all generations between 0 and 99 years.

The concrete design of a park of this type usually depends on the municipality and the citizens themselves. There is no standardized multigenerational park. Rather, designers must respond to user needs. Each park is different from the other. However, the themes of encounter, communication, movement and rest are the basis of every multigenerational park. In addition, some other fundamental aspects apply to any planning. A multigenerational park is a public facility that should be used equally by all groups in society. This assumes that everyone can reach this park. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account both the positioning of the park and the question of accessibility. L' placing this facility in an easily accessible environment is an essential factor in the success of the park. In addition, planners are responsible for ensuring that the park offers sufficient orientation and safety. Especially children and the elderly must be able to spend their time in the park without obstacles.


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