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#Product Trends

BUNDLE by Lionel Doyen

​In Milan Extremis introduces ‘Bundle'' to the public: a seating and swing design inspired by nature. The structure refers to random branches found in the woods. They are tied together with straps in a way Bundle offers great seating comfort. Since the entire piece is held up by the same straps, they also serve as a backrest. This is how – only – two materials and a boyscout training can result in great design.

With Bundle designer Lionel Doyen brings a unique hybrid piece of furniture varying between a bench, a day bed and a sofa. Originally developed as a concept for the world leader in outdoor technical textiles SUNBRELLA and after more than 1 year of development and technical improvement, the product found its way into the Extremis collection. During this year we joined forces and started rethinking the entire product technically: the new powder coated structure , the new dimensions, the new double sided straps,… The product is now available as a swing or a bench and in a wide variety of colours.