NEW: CH26 wood pellet boiler by FAIR srl

FAIR srl
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Combustion chamber 5 mm thick

Preparation of internal plumbing

Heat transfer in high yield with turbulators

Connecting external thermostat

Timer Weekly

Brasier steel

Safety valve


Domestic hot water kit

GPRS module for remote management

Kit separator system greater than 35 kW

Storage tank for domestic hot water production

Remote control

Anti-condensation valve

Management kit Puffer


Width 67 cm

Depth 77,6 cm

Height 135,5 cm

Weight 220 Kg

Global thermal power 25,8 kW

Rated thermal power (min/max) 5,3/25,8 kW

Rated thermal water power (min/max) 4,7/22,9 kW

Hourly consumption (min/max) 1,1/5,25 Kg/h

Efficiency (min/max) 89 %

Chimney draft min. 0,1 mbar

Emissions of CO at 13% O22 0,016-0,025 %

Average temperature of flue gas 80-145 °C

Maximum capacity of fumes 7,8-15,3 g/s

Fuel tank capacity ~80 Kg

Diameter of exhaust fumes 100 mm

Diameter air intake 42 mm

Heated volume 580 m3

Autonomy (min/max) 15/72 h

Power supply 230V-50Hz

Maximum power consumption 420 W

Nominal current consumption (max) 160 W

Water content 35 l

Max. operating temperature 85 °C

Max. operating pressure 3 bar

Hydraulic connections (out - in) 1/1 G Male

Hydraulic connections (supply - withdrawal ACS) 1/2 G Male

Domestic hot water production with Kit Optional - Priority over the heating environment Production 45 °C (T 30K) l/h 480 - l/m 8,0

Production 45 °C (T 33K) l/h 430 - l/m 7,2

Waiting time the stove is off 15 min.

Waiting time the stove is standby 12 min.

Water inlet temperature 15 °C 15 °C (45°C - 15°C = T 30K)

Water inlet temperature 12°C 12°C (45°C - 12°C = T 33K)

NEW: CH26 wood pellet boiler by FAIR srl

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