New FAKRO thermoPro technology roof windows

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The new FAKRO thermoPro technology is introduced to PROFI and LUX class roof windows. The solutions applied ensure improved quality and performance of roof windows, contributing to increased energy-efficiency and durability, excellent tightness and easier installation process.

Using windows manufactured in thermoPro technology allows the user to pay lower heating bills because the application of insulation inserts in the sash and new low emission coating on the glass increase energy-efficiency performance of the whole window.

The bottom corners of the frame are equipped with a special water drainage channels to discharge water from the condensation and potential leakage caused by, e.g. damage or dirt on seals. Wooden profiles of the window are less exposed to the moisture, which adds to their durability.

Windows manufactured using thermoPro technology feature 3rd and 4th tightness class according to EN12207, thus reducing the amount of uncontrolled air penetrating into the room. It is particularly important for mechanical ventilation.

New brackets enhance the ability to adjust roof windows and make the installation process quicker. In addition, the use of Torx screws facilitates the installation of windows in the roof surface.

New FAKRO thermoPro technology roof windows

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