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A subtle combination of modernity and the tradition of an 18th-century palace

In the province of La Rioja (Spain) there is one building standing out from the rest – the Palace that once belonged to the noble family of the Counts of Cirac. It is a subtle blend of modernity with the tradition of the 18th-century palace. Natural light penetrating through FAKRO roof windows adds an extraordinary character to the interiors within the attic.

Villalba de Rioja is located at the foot of the Obarenes Mountains and 4 km from the world’s largest concentration of hundred-year-old vineyards in El Barrio de la Estación de Haro. When visiting the spot, you can touch its history written by famous inhabitants: the family of D. Pedro Ruiz del Castillo – the founder of the city of Mendoza in Argentina, Count Cirac and Countess Castillo Fiel.

Today, the palace serves as a boutique guest house offering eight luxurious rooms and suites with bathrooms. The interiors have retained their austere style, rich in natural materials such as stone and wood, with the whole being complemented by designer furniture. The attic became bright thanks to the use of roof windows that highlighted the texture of the stone walls and decorated the raw interiors with light.

It is a fabulous place for people who value peace and independence, love for detail and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. The owner installed external awning blinds to ensure privacy and protection against excessive heat gain.

FTP-V windows bring abundance of natural light
FTP-V windows bring abundance of natural light

Rolling blinds and external awning blinds ensure privacy and protection from excesive heat

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