Solar-powered smart apartments

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A modern zero-energy housing estate is a wallet-friendly and eco-fiendly project.

A modern zero-energy housing estate in Ermelo, Netherlands is a wallet-friendly project of 6 buildings. It supports very important trends of smart solutions and the care for natural environment.

Zero-energy buildings

Well insulated buildings with photovoltaics covering almost entire south areas of the roofs make the housing estate self-sufficient. Energy-efficient roof windows, bring light to the interiors and help with maintaining the right temperature in the rooms during the coldest and the hottest periods of the year. Smart home systems help the users controlling the living-friendly atmosphere in all of the 39 apartments. There is also a great benefit for the natural environment because solar-powered buildings do not emit pollutants from burning fossil fuels.

The councillor of Ermelo, addressed investors and residents with the following words: “A total of 39 zero-energy apartments have been completed. Thank you very much for investing in this project. Live even more ‘SMART’ than before. Thank you once again!”

Photovoltaics and roof windows?

Each apartment is supplied with Energy by 23 photovoltaic pannels. The south areas ot the roofs also needed to contain roof windows. The requirement was then not only a high insulation performance of the roof windows but also compatibility with solar pannels in terms of installation. FAKRO supplied specially manufactured flashings for tight and aesthetic installation of roof windows.

Solar-powered awning blinds

Intlligent awning blinds AMZ Solar fitted to roof windows can help gain the heat during winter and prevent overheating the rooms on the summer hot days. They come with their own solar panels, so they do not need power from the mains to work. By using solar energy and reducing the need for room cooling, AMZ Solar blinds even more enhance the environmental value of the entire project. xxx

South area of the roof
South area of the roof

Specially manufactured flashings to fit the roof windows surrounded by photovoltaic pannels

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